Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Roads Ahead

Talked with Diane last night. She was at a rest point and had an extra day of rest..for which she was most thankful even though it was pouring down rain. She had called me from the women's restroom :)

She is doing ok so far on her journey. On the long days when she is traveling through the mountains, she is having to rely heavily on shakes/bars as her food. There are no stores or other means for her to eat during these times. The hills are pretty steep...but she conquers them just like we knew she would.

She did have a wipe-out on friday. She hit some gravel and down she went. She's bruised and a little sore. I'm just glad she didn't fall off the side of the mountain!

This coming week Diane will be headed into Idaho and Montana. There await some special surprises for her!! It will be a week where she can rejuvenate her spirit with the love that will be shown to her by folks who are helping us on this journey.

I'm looking forward to the blogs from her this week. Stay tuned!

She'll soon be going through Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio. If you can help out in any of those states by offering to drive some of their gear or just providing a cheering section or a hot meal, please contact me at


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