Sunday, June 7, 2009

A new journey begins

I talked with Diane this morning. She seemed a bit nervous. Who can blame her? She is about to set out on a most amazing 4000 mile journey. Cycling across the country!! Just the sheer level of physical fitness and mental toughness and not to mention the logistics of such a strip is incredible to think about!!

Obstacles are what other people use as excuses.

Diane was not going to let anything stop her from doing what her heart was leading her to do. No amount of obstacles or events set forth with evil intent were going to win.

As I spoke with her this morning I reminded her that her love, peace, joy and strength are what will fuel her on in the moments when her challenge seems the most intense. She'll reach a new level of connection with God and creation as she is out there pedaling mile after mile. It is in those moments when she will dig deep and create and evolve within herself.

She's not doing the bike ride just to prove she can. She is doing this to raise awareness for a cause that is dear to her heart. She is doing this to give back to the people that rescued her and her children and to bring awareness to America that families living with domestic abuse can be saved and continue on to live full and loving lives.

Let's support Diane, her cause, and give her all the loving support she needs over the next 4000 miles.


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