Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Re: 8-1-09 St. Francis Trauma Hospital, Peoeria, IL STARJUMPS OF JOYOUS LOVING GRATITUDE FROM MY HEART TO ALL OF YOURS, Love Diane xox

Recopvering from bleeding in the brain (hematoma) grateful to God for my new bike helmet that Sylvia helped me purchaase since it saved my life....they threw it out since it was drenched in blood and totally crushed...SUPER MEGA STARJUMPS OF JOYUS GRATITUDE...I AM ALIVE


  1. Bless You Diane. Although it is sad to see your bruises and injuries, it pales in comparison to the happiness I feel in hearing your voice and seeing you sitting up and on the mend. You are one tenacious woman! I am inspired by you both ON and OFF the bike.


  2. Diane, it is great to see you getting stronger. Such a drastic change from the first day I saw you at the hospital! God bless you!

    Love Ya, Conni